Hitchhiking in West Papua







West Papua is a province in the far east of Indonesia, centered on the island of New Guinea. While I was hitchhiking there for the 1st time, this is what happened after only 30 seconds of driving.



Driver: Woman. Sex?
Me: No.


Driver: Sex, no?
Me: No.


Driver: Telephone? Number?
Me: No. Don’t have.


Driver: Me - Have. (pointing at his phone)
Me: Ohh water! (pointing at the store on the street) Thirsty! Stop here. Can?


Driver: Can. (stopping the car)
Me: (jumping the fuck out) Thank you for the ride! I’ll walk now. Bye, bye!


Driver: Telephone?
Me: Don’t have.


(Driver searching for the pen and paper to give me his number opens a drawer and his gun falls out.)

Me: Can I have your photo with a gun?


Driver: (proudly) Caaan! Me – Army!

Great, thanks! (snap!)


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