What’s Wrong With You?


After 5 years of hitchhiking twice from Croatia to French Polynesia, I summarized my whole experience in the book “What’s Wrong With You?” My book is a combination of real-life stories and travel tips that explain how to hitchhike numerous boats and a helicopter, how much money is needed for a five-year journey, how to make money while traveling and what’s like to hitchhike such a long distance as a solo woman. There are chapters about sex, love and everything in between – along with the fears, risks and a psychological aspect of it all. The end of the book takes an unexpected and quite incredible turn.

This is my story and I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

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Loving the honesty :)

Read it in one breath! Honestly written, easy to read book and a truly inspiring journey. Never stop expanding the spiral :)

Nothing wrong with the book

I think it's really dangerous to read this book, cause it makes you wanna leave everything and put your finger up. But Ana stops you in doing that and tells you it's not like in Eat, pray, love and tells you to plan it first, or at least to except the fact that things can go wrong. This really is a true hitchhiker's guide to the world and a wonderful way to fall in love with people and with nature. I loved reading it, even though it's not in my native language.


I was following Ana's journey through the years and I can say that i didn't expect any less than this from her. Such an inspirational book, taking you on unordinary places and situations that one can't even think of. A must read book, even if you aren't into hijacking. I have huge respect for this girl and amazing people she met along her journey :)

So much fun and honesty

The book itself is an adventure! It takes you places you will probably never go on your own, in a way you will surley never go :) I admire Ana’s honesty and clever thinking of the situations she was in! If a tiny bit of adventure lives in you, you must read this book! :)

Every. Single. Time.

Your boomerang came back! I'm not leaving my rooftop! :) Vegvísir! Don't stop Croatia! Loved the book!