Author: Ana

After 5 years of hitchhiking around the world, I’ve written a book. It’s a guide for anyone who is tempted to travel alone or simply want to read what was it like to hitchhike solo across the world on a small budget. The book is not written as the adviser “you have to do this or that”. The tips are shared through my personal stories and all the good and bad experiences…… Read More»

It’s been 16 months since I stopped using a mobile phone. My phone has died while I was hitchhiking a boat to Australia. When I finally arrived to Darwin, I went to a store to buy myself another one, but as I was searching through hundreds of phones… Read More»

There are not many people in the world I would hitchhike 5410 km for. Only when Captain Ric says “Ana Banana, come to the east coast and let’s go whale watching!” I say “Aye, aye Captain”, and teleport my arse in a record time from the west to the east coast of Australia… Read More»

I tested this unique, wearable sleeping bag with the arms and legs in different conditions. I checked whether it’s good for sleeping, camping, traveling and maybe even hitchhiking. Is the Selk’bag Classic worth the money? Read this review and find out… Read More»

Along with the question “How much money did you spend while traveling?” that’s one of the most common questions I get daily. I find it very irritating when people ask me how much money I spent because if they are not paying for my lifestyle, my piggy-bank is none of their business. No one is going to… Read More»

As strange as it might sound, that has been a big dream of mine for many years. I used to tell my friends and family how I was going to hitchhike to Bora Bora, but no one believed me. I was not joking though… Read More»

While hitchhiking a boat to Australia, the last populated island we stopped by in West Papua before leaving to Darwin was a pretty special place. It was a tiny island that was made of only two villages. One Muslim and one Christian village. They were both covered in seaweed. The boats, the paths, the walls… Read More»

Islamic Republic of Iran and I didn’t get along as well as expected, but after long 44 days together we both survived each other. If you happen to be a female hitchhiker on the way to Iran, the points below might save you some trouble or give you a better idea where to find trouble if you’re looking for one. Read More»

West Papua is a province in the far east of Indonesia, centered on the island of New Guinea. West Papua combined with Papua New Guinea comprise the second largest island in the world after Greenland. While I was hitchhiking there for the 1st time, this is what happened after only 30 seconds of driving… Read More»