Ana Bakran

Hi, my name is Ana Bakran.

I’m Croatian by passport and woman of the world by heart. Thank you for visiting my online home no matter the reason. I’m very much into writing, photography, traveling, veganism, alternative ways of living, silly bets and challenges. That’s also what my page is mostly about.


Quick background check.

▸Graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin on a full athletic scholarship

▸ Degree in Business Administration with focus in International Business

▸ Played competitive tennis for 12 years

▸ I’ve spent most of my working career in marketing

▸ In 2007. I opened a company with Austrian business partner and ran it until 2013.

▸ After my business journey, I decided to hitchhike from Zagreb to Bora Bora

▸ In 2014. won Dijana Klaric Award in a category “Traveler of the Year”

▸ In 2015. got nominated as the Adventurer of the Year by Cosmopolitan

▸ In 2016. I successfully finished my 3,8 years hitchhiking mission from Zagreb to Bora Bora

▸ In 2017. hitchhiked across the Pacific and around Marquesan islands for 14 months while writing the book

▸ In 2019. I published the book "What's Wrong With You?"



Jutarnji list - print 1


Interview for Jutarnji list p2

Jutarnji list - print 2


Interview for Jutarnji list p2

I couldn't personally accept my "Traveler of the Year" Award in 2014., because I was traveling at that time, so I sent my video to entertain the audience at the ceremony. This video was done in Laos with a great help of local people and the travelers who took a part in it. Thank you all who contributed, once again!