Space woman in West Australia







Spacewoman in West Australia






After a fun game of tennis in the rain, I said goodbye to my hosts in Perth and continued towards Lake Ballard. It made me wonder why none of the locals I’ve talked to have never heard of the lake which is located 800km from Perth. Is it really THAT deserted? Is there going to be any traffic at all? I was not too confident, but the lake sure looked good in the photos.


Bye, bye Perth!


The lake is known for Antony Gormley’s art sculptures. This artist made 51 sculptures of residents of a small town called Menzies and spreaded them across Lake Ballard. The whole installation looks pretty cool, especially at sunrise and sunset.


I got really lucky with my 2nd ride that day that took me almost 600km all the way to Kalgoorlie. As if that was already not enough, the couple who picked me up offered me to stay in their house before traveling any further. AS IF THAT WAS ALREADY NOT ENOUGH, they made me delicious vegan dinner and took me sightseeing around Kalgoorlie and Boulder. The town has this pretty cool cowboy look about it and it seems to be very well looked after.


My drivers from Kalgoorlie
My amazing hosts from Kalgoorlie with their dog Indie.


Kalgoorlie is well known for gold and nickel mining, so visiting “a superpit” is an absolute must there. It’s HUGE and my photo doesn’t do it any justice. The future plan for it is to get about 4 times bigger.


Superpit in Kalgoorlie.
Little yellow dots are mining trucks that are much bigger than regular trucks, but they look like little ants in this superpit.


Next morning I got dropped off by the same lovely couple in the direction of Menzies and soon caught a ride with 2 workers on their way to the mining station. It was another lucky ride, because we were the only car on the road and they dropped me off at the very entrance of Lake Ballard.


Hitchhiking to Lake Ballard
One of the workers who wanted to give me water, beer and his McDonald’s hush brown for the trip... just in case. :))


They dropped me off in the middle of efing nowhere with no one around. The closest town was Menzis 51km west and Sandstone 232 km east. That was a strange feeling.


At the Lake Ballard.
There was a sign at the entrance of the lake that said “Please visit in a minimal party of two.” Well, I was a maximum party of one – if we’re not counting my water-bottle as a body.


At the Lake Ballard.
At the Lake Ballard.


Muddy feet at the Lake Ballard.
Lake is a dry salt bed for the most of the year and usually you walk on a white salty crust. That’s was how I imagined it, but that was not my reality that morning. 😀


Lake Ballard
In the middle of efing nowhere, but feeling grateful and happy.


Australian desert
Excuse me while I’m searching for a good peeing spot. :)) Awesome thing about cold mornings is that you don’t have to be worried about the snakes in the bush.


Hitchhiking in West Australia.
Croatian spacewoman in Australia. Thank you Selkbag for this special sleeping bag and for keeping me warm. (Full review is coming up soon!)


After 2,5 hours of waiting on the road with 0 traffic, finally an older couple in a campervan pulled over to tell me that I’m standing on the wrong side of the road if I want to go to Gwalia. They laughed at my poor sense of orientation and my space suit, but offered to show me Gwalia and Kookynie. Both towns are known as ghost towns since the gold rush was over.


Kookynie was a bit of a disappointment, because all what’s left of it is the Grand Hotel from 1902 that’s still open and nothing else. On the other side, Gwalia ghost town was pretty awesome, because an old setting is still there. Here are few pics…


This is pretty much all that's left from Kookynie.


Gwalia ghost town was much cooler.


One of numerous ghost houses in Gwalia.
Gwalia car
Spacewoman in Gwalia.


Cool thing: You can walk into Hoover’s house in Gwalia that was named after former US President Herbert Hoover who used to be ex-mine manager there and lived there.


After Gwalia, I got picked up by Jamie – a mining truck driver who was transporting nickel from the mine to the storage area. He was just starting with his night shift. As I got stuck on the road in a dark, he offered me to stay warm and safe in his truck and drive with him until the morning. It was pretty awesome because we drove up and down the road from Leonora to Leinster 3 times throughout the night and he smuggled me into the mine behind the curtain in the truck! :))


Jamie finished his work at 4 a.m., drove me to his house to have another 2 hours of sleep before the sunrise and then he woke up at 6 a.m. to take me to the spot where he arranged with his truck driving friend to take me to Mount Magnet.


Jamie was an absolute legend.


In Mount Magnet I had the 1st encounter with Australian police while hitchhiking on the road and they were really nice to me. They came to check if I was safe and gave me some options where to stay in case I get stuck on the road after the sunset.


Just as they left, I got picked up by a very cool truck driver called Bill who was going back to Perth. He had some awesome traveling stories, so we had lots to talk about. His truck has the bunk beds (as many Australian trucks do), so I was sorted with the accommodation for the night, because Bill was sleeping on the lower bed and I took the top one.


Truck driver Bill.
Truck driver Bill.


This is what sleeping in truck looks like.
This is what a luxury sleeping in the Australian truck looks like. More often I sleep in the front seat.


The plan for the next days was to move up along the West Coast and enjoy some sun, because south was still pretty cold in August especially when you sleep outside.


Small town Lancelin is known for its white sand dunes by the coast and sand boarding.


Sand dunes in Lancelin.
Sand dunes in Lancelin.


Giant sand angel.
Giant sand angel.


Sand boarding session with the backpackers from Hong Kong
Sand boarding session with the backpackers from Hong Kong. <3 Thanks Ken for snapping some good pics!


Sand boarding would go smoother if my board was actually facing in the right direction, but ef my logic.


Sleeping outside.
Some days and nights are a bit rougher than the others, but that’s what makes it all fun in the end. 🙂


Blue tongue lizard
It looked like a piece of poo from a distance, but it's a blue tongue lizard.


Beach in Cervantes.
Beach in Cervantes.


That's what the sunset does to the sand in Cervantes. Absolutely beautiful.


Sunset in Cervantes.
That was a sunset in Cervantes. No filters or retouching.


Woman driver.
I love getting rides from the women around the world. This super trooper woman took me close to the Pinnacles.


I've seen hundreds of them in the last 10 months, but I still get excited every single time I see one. What an amazing specie!


Nambung National Park - The Pinnacles
I stopped in Nambung National Park to check out the Pinnacles.


Literally thousands of limestone pillars.
Literally thousands of limestone pillars.


Ssshhhh intense meditation in progress.
Ssshhhh....intense meditation in progress.


Windmill somewhere around Geraldtown.
Windmill somewhere around Geraldtown.


Got swallowed by canola flowers.
Got swallowed by canola flowers.


Crazy ride to the pink lake.
Crazy ride to the Hutt Lagoon.


Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake.
Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake. It's salty with a pink hue because of algae Dunaliella salina.


Jordan being Jordan.
Jordan being Jordan.


Hitchhiking backpack
Can you imagine living out of your backpack for 3,5 years? I don’t know how does it feel to have a closet anymore. Thank you backpack for being a good companion to me and never breaking your zippers. You’ve been a good backpack to me. <3


Sunset in Kalbarri.
Some days are a bit weirder than the others, especially when you get picked up by a cocaine addict on his way to rehab who changes 500 moods during the ride and you’re not quite sure what’s coming next. (Kids, don’t do drugs. Just don't.) Btw, this is a sunset in Kalbarri without any kind of filter.






Kalbarri cliffs.
Kalbarri cliffs.


Pelicans in Kalbarri.
Pelicans in Kalbarri.


Got stuck again for another 2,5 hours just out of Kalbarri National Park.
Got stuck again for another 2,5 hours just out of Kalbarri National Park.


...and then my new Taiwanese friends stopped to pick me up! <3


To be continued… (part II)





  • Mario Knezevic

    ahaha, and did you find Jesus in your wine red lake with Jordan, of course after surfing on salt, space girl? 😀

    • Ana

      Why should I find Jesus? Did he get lost or something? :))