Snow angel in Selk’bag






One winter in Australia






After spending a couple of years around tropical SE Asia and North Australia, my backpack consisted of 0 long pants and 0 long sleeves. That wouldn’t be a problem if I was not planning to hitchhike around Australia in the winter – and the mornings down south often come close to 0C during winter season.


Given the fact that I’m on my little hitchhiking mission to tropical Bora Bora, I was not planning to buy a new winter wardrobe just for Australia. I came up with an alternative that has done wonders to my (always cold) body and my budget.


I came across a wearable sleeping bag with the arms and legs that was supposed to keep me warm during cold Australian winter nights and mornings and soon I received it from Selk’bag for testing.


My plan was to use it 24/7 and test if it’s possible to live my usual hitchhiking lifestyle in it and survive Australian winter without ever buying any winter clothes.


These were my findings for model The Selk'bag Classic:


My sleeping bag with legs is warm as ef!


Camping in Selk’bag


My sleeping bag stops the traffic and makes people laugh.


Hitchhiking in Selk’bag around Australia


My sleeping bag makes me look like a giant horny bee in canola field. Many other colors are available – but yellow is my thing. In case a giant yellow bee is not very you, check out the Selk’bag super-hero, Star Wars or camouflage edition! They are pretty awesome.


Selk’bag in canola field


Selk’bag - many available colors


Selk’bag in canola field


I can sleep, walk, hitchhike, write, sand board and hide while keep being warm and mobile.


Sandboarding in my Selk’bag


Sleeping outside in my Selk’bag


Hitchhiking in my Selk’bag


Fulling around in my Selk’bag


Meditating in my Selk’bag



My friend came up with the saying that my bag is “penis proved”, because it protects me from any kind of poking or touching. In other words, if your camping buddy suddenly decides to make a move on you when sleeping in the same tent – he/she will not succeed, because the layer is so thick and it’s like a big yellow wall.


Army and Selk’bag


It’s super easy to clean it, because all I need to do is stick it in a washing machine.


Tent and Selk’bag


My sleeping bag saved me lots of money, because I only wore my summer leggings and  a short t-shirt underneath it all. My little experiment worked and I didn’t have to buy any winter clothes!


Selk’bag in the ghost town Gwalia


As no one and nothing is 100% perfect and this is my honest review, here are the things I would improve on my bag:


My Selk’bag model doesn’t have a zipper around the ankles that would let me take off my “boots” and put on my hiking shoes without taking off my sleeping bag. Selk’bag has solved that problem with another bag model called Patagon – check it out here:


Patagon Selk’bag


Being 180cm tall I picked the bag size L. That was a perfect size for any activity in daylight as well as sleeping on my side or in a fetal position, but if I wanted to stretch my legs fully during the night, I couldn’t do it, because I was missing about 1 cm of free space around my toes. To get the additional centimeter around my toes, I had to take the sleeping bag off my arms and pull it down a bit when sleeping straight. I think that a bigger size XL would suit my 180cm frame much better.


Sleeping in the truck in my Selk’bag


Sleeping outside in my Selk’bag



The bag itself is quite robust and it takes almost half of my 65L backpack space. The bag is not very heavy though – only 1,97 kg.




All in all, I’m very happy with my wearable bag. It kept me warm. It made the hitchhiking easier for me, because people would stop just to take a better look at me. It saved me the money for traveling, because I didn’t have to buy any winter clothes to survive the Australian winter.


Selk’bag in Derby


Selk’bag in boab prison tree


Selk’bag in boab prison tree in Derby


That was one awesome winter in Australia!