How to make your own pepper spray?





While entering Australia by boat, my pepper sprays got confiscated by the border police, because they are illegal in Australia. That made me quite nostalgic, because my sprays and I’ve been through a lot while hitchhiking together across half a globe.


I’ve never had to use them, but there were occasions in which I had to model them in front of the faces of the drivers who wouldn’t let me out of their cars with the explanation what would happen in case they didn’t change their intentions. My pepper sprays served their purpose 100%.


Despite my positive thinking, non-violent beliefs and lots of hitchhiking experience, I never rely just on a good luck. Realistically, anything can happen and I don’t believe I’m protected by any higher power. When shit hits the fan, it’s usually just me, myself and (hopefully prepared) I.


In few hours, I’m about to hitchhike 3 500km alone through Australia, so I made myself a homemade pepper spray in case I come across people whose idea of women hitchhikers is a bit different than mine.



This is what you need to make a homemade pepper spray:


Rubbing alcohol (You can substitute it with acetone. Don’t use water, because it’s not as effective.)

Extra hot cayenne pepper (it’s much better to go for some hotter versions such as bhut jolokia or carolina reaper, but I had no access to them at the place where I’m at the moment, so extra hot cayenne will do)

Black pepper (for coughing and choking effect)

Spray bottle (make sure it doesn’t leak)

A plastic or glass container (for mixing the ingredients)

Pair of gloves (I didn’t use them and I’ve got allergic reaction on my hands)

Drainer or a draining cloth

Black marker (To make my spray bottle look dangerous, because currently it looks like a gay parade.)


You can use few drops of baby oil in the mix if you want your pepper spray to stick to the clothes.



Pepper spray ingredients






Mix 300ml of alcohol with 30g of extra hot cayenne pepper and 5 big spoons of black pepper in a plastic container. If you have a blender – blend it for 1 minute. If not, mix it all with spoon. That quantity will give you about 60ml of final product when all is done.


Put a tight lid on the container and let it sit for 24 hours.


When you open the container, the smell should be so strong that it makes you cough and want to throw up instantly.


Drain it well to separate bits of pepper and pour it into spray bottle. Make sure the pepper doesn’t clog your spray pump.


If your spray bottle looks as happy as mine – redecorate it with a black marker or some black stickers. No one is going to take you seriously if your pepper spray looks like Hello Kitty deodorant.


Homemade pepper spray loses its power over time, so I wouldn't use the mixture that's over 2 weeks old.


Congratulations, you’ve made yourself a pepper spray!