What's cooking?



What's cooking?





What seems to be a typical form of relaxation or entertainment for many people, it’s a real challenge to me. I’m talking about cooking. All of my 30 years cooking was nothing but a time wasting habit to me and I couldn’t understand anyone who gets any pleasure from the act of it. My pleasure was coming AFTER all the cooking was finally finished and I was super lucky to have my mother, grandmother, sister and brother as superb chefs who didn’t mind doing the work whenever I was hungry. Sadly, most of my boyfriends sucked at cooking the same way I did. When none of my superb family chefs were available, I would open a bottle of yogurt and that was considered as “me cooking” and it was passed on as a joke for many years among my friends.

All of that came to an end 2 years ago when I made a decision to go vegan and changed my eating habits. As I changed my perspective on food, so it changed my perspective on cooking. It shoot off to another level when I hitchhiked a boat from Malaysia to Australia for 7 months with 3 Aussie men.


Baking on the boat


One of my duties while sailing was cooking. As we met up other sailors during our journey, German lady from Chez Nous boat taught me how to make bread and Holland lady from Uttika boat taught me how to make soups and sauerkraut. Captain Ric taught me how to make a great Thai stir fry and the other two crew members didn’t teach me anything, because they were nearly as hopeless as I was around the stove. As I spent numerous hours in the kitchen, soon they started calling me “Bakran Bakery”. Oh yeah, and I made my very 1st cake on the boat for Lordy’s birthday! Here is the proof:


Birthday cake on Hard Yakka


When I finally arrived to Australia, I wanted to practice my vegan culinary in a proper vegan restaurant. That didn’t come true (yet), but instead I cooked healthy meals for a busy Aussie guy who worked for a nuts politician and in return got a free accommodation. Currently I’m cooking for two 92 year old husband and wife before I continue further with my traveling. If I put everything else what was happening aside, my cooking journey has been a wild one. From "cooking a yogurt" to actually finding a bit of a passion in preparing amazing food, I came a pretty long and unexpected way.