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There are numerous reasons why I’m in love with Australia and one of them is surely a vegan movement that is so strong down under. After traveling through heaps of (not always very friendly vegan) countries, Australia makes my traveling so easy. From countless fresh markets to vegan stores and restaurants in every bigger city to organized meet ups and gatherings… It seems like Aussies have it all figured out. As a cherry on top, they have just launched the 1st edition of Australian Vegans Journal!


80 pages of high quality content will give you valuable insights whether you’re vegan or just a curious observer. You'll get detailed information not only about the nutrition, but about the whole vegan lifestyle. My personal favorite was an article from James Aspey on the importance of being less angry and more effective. Even though the message targets the activists, it's the kind of message that is applicable to everyone whether vegan or not. If we all start bathing in more purpose and less anger, our lives would be smelling pretty awesome, don't you think?


It's important to say that Australian Vegans Journal was brought to life thanks to many enthusiasts who supported a successful crowdfunding campaign and I was by no means paid or sponsored to write this review. As two cherries on top are always better than one, Australian Vegans made their 1st edition of the magazine not only available in print, but also available online for FREE.


Click here to read it online: OR you can download the PDF by clicking on the "share" button on the ISSUU page.


You can buy your printed copy of the magazine here:


Show Australian Vegans your support as they are doing a phenomenal work for the people, the animals and the planet.






  • Kathy Divine

    Thank you for this lovely review Ana. We appreciate your support!

    • Ana

      You’re welcome. 🙂 The pleasure is all mine.